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The Beginning of Something Beautiful

January 2, 2012

Good afternoon to you all,

My blog was started a few months ago to reflect the attitudes of a few good men and so it will continue to do so. However, this new and quite frankly awesome informative blog has been created to get down to the nitty gritty details of life. In my description, I label this blog as one which should give opinions and insights into everyday life and the way in which people tend to live. Imagine yourself at a coffee shop or a crowded sports venue or a shopping mall. Have you ever thought to yourself, “wow what is she wearing?” or “what is wrong with youth today?” This is the blog for you. I want honest opinions and the free flowing of ideas. So come on down, meet me in The Lair, it’s going down!


Thank you and I hope that you will all follow this blog and cherish its brashness!


Seth Hofmann


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  1. Bgee permalink

    Sounds awesome Seth! I’m always thinking about others around me and how they have their own little world, just like myself, yet we hardly interact. I try to interact with strangers at times, say by smiling, and it seems that most feel uncomfortable or take some sort of offense to it. Well what can I say, welcome to Los Angeles? I say that because I hear it is different around the states. Is it different in PA?

    • The Lair permalink

      I believe there may be more of a concentration of people unwilling to give a hello or goodbye to someone walking down the street in the cities. Now, me being from the main line outside of Philadelphia, I feel as though the bubble that is “The Main Line” will constrict people from interacting. How about you all in other states or other non-city areas (suburbs, rural communities), do you feel the same way?

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