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January 5, 2012

While I usually come up with a topic while driving..because, let’s face it, I spend most of my time driving or in my car (23,000 miles in a year is a good amount), I came up with this one while on my new iPhone. Yes, many of you have them and some even have the new 4GS. On this phone there is a function of the camera that allows one to look at oneself, creating a mirrored image. I thought deeper into this and I wanted to make this observation:

Since everyone cannot observe themselves doing what it is they do on a daily basis, what if, like in Scrooge’s case, a spirit or some entity showed you YOUR past? What would it look like? Would you have things about yourself you would want to change? If we were watching ourselves in the past, present, and future, would we have as many people repeatedly making the same mistake? Would you change as a result? If you looked into that camera and saw yourself as a child, adolescent, or even adult, what changes would you make?

For me, I know that there are certain decisions I have made that I would like to have back as far as schooling is concerned and also some of my actions. Nobody is perfect and we all have our flaws, but it is the successful human being that can recognize these flaws and continue their life in the right direction.

I ask you who follow me or want to comment to please answer the questions I ask above. What more could your life be if we had a constant reminder of past events (as harrowing as that sounds)?

Thank you all,



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