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Rebel Yell

January 8, 2012

Just recently I took a trip to South Carolina to visit soon-to-be relatives. My parents and I stayed in Kiawah Island which is about 30 minutes south of Charleston. The place was a reminder of the southern architecture that defined the era during and following the Civil War. It had a plantation feel to it while providing world class service. The trip was educational and provided this blog today.

While my parents were golfing, because they tend to be more of the boring type, I ventured into Charleston for a few tours and some local cuisine. What I found was once again was the architecture was striking and beautiful. It consisted of houses built in the 1800’s and churches built much before that time. Naturally, since I am from Philadelphia, I compared the architecture and style of houses in Charleston with that of Philadelphia. The houses were more individualized and well kept in Charleston and were not made from brick. The city itself, while much smaller than Philly, provided ample places to eat and to tour and walk around. The tours of both Charleston and Fort Sumter were educational and informative. They provided the background I needed to fulfill my trip to yet another city. After touring, my meal at “High Cotton” in downtown Charleston fulfilled my hunger and taste buds.

Overall the trip was great and I learned a lot about our nation’s history along with the southern prospective on the Civil War and events leading up to it. What struck me most again was the architecture. I will provide a picture for you but I would like to get your take on this beautiful style that pervades the south. I believe it is much prettier and individualized than Philadelphia. Sometimes I think I was a southerner in a previous life….

Typical in Charleston, SC


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