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Music: The Great Conversationalist

January 25, 2012

Music As a Way of Life

If anyone has listened to music in the past 24 hours let alone 24 days, they should not feel in need of special treatment. Almost everyone listens to music on a daily basis, whether it is from the radio, ipod, computer or elsewhere. We listen to it during a workout, when we are working, sometimes even when we study or read. Music is everywhere. It transcends barriers such as culture, race, and language. Music itself has “saturated” society today.

Music is becoming more accessible as new devices are created or imagined. The age of record players and large boomboxes have come and gone, it seems, by the wind. Ipods and other portable music devices have taken over and wherever you walk you will certainly run into someone with those white ear buds in his ears. With this attention to portable electronics, one of the best qualities of music has faded into the sunset: Conversationalism.

Volume: Not Just a Physics Concept 

With iTunes or some other music download engine(can you tell I am a Mac guy?), the question usually is about volume and not about quality. How many songs can I fit on my iPod? Can I get my favorite videos on there and still manage to fit 10,000 songs? Who cares if all those songs are not good? Some songs get me pumped and some get me through the day. Ah! Here in lies the problem… Too many people cram too many songs are their already junked up iPod. I have fallen victim to this in the past and an effort has been taken forth to expunge my iTunes of the truly awful songs.

Hi, How Are You? 

Music is Conversation. How many times have you listened into a song, I mean really listened to it. How many times have you said to yourself, “this song speaks to me” or “this song speaks to when I was younger?” I bet it is quite a few times if you are a music connoisseur. It is not just the lyrics but the actual music itself. For example, a song in a minor key may elicit a depressed mood and consequently a song in a major key would tend to make people happy. You probably even have a “playlist” for depressed moods and one for the days where you feel on top of the world. This is good! This is what I will put forth as the key ingredient to listening to music.

A while back, my friend and I talked about how a song literally changed her life. She heard the words of the song and the overall mood and knew it was time to give up on a bad habit. I know I have had other conversations like this and I too have instances of songs that I label as my “depressed, I want to crawl in a hole” songs. We have songs we can no longer listen to because it brings us to a time we want to forget, we have songs that make us feel like we are the best person in the world. Why is this?

Because MUSIC IS THE GREAT CONVERSATIONALIST. When you are having the worst of days who do you usually run to before telling anyone? MUSIC. When you just got that promotion, do you do a little song and dance before anything? Maybe listen to your favorite song? Sometimes music (lyrics or song itself) makes you do things you would not normally accomplish like running a marathon or writing the best piece you have ever written. It inspires you and gives you pep talks throughout your life. We all can appreciate music for this alone. I hope that you all can stop and have a chat with five of your favorite songs. It is well worth the experience.

Thank you,



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